Kangaroo Island. Day 4

Exploring the beaches of North Coast
Itinerary: Western River Wilderness - Snelling Beach - Stokes Bay Beach

Waiting for the day to warm up, we headed to Western River Wilderness. A narrow winding trail took us on a 5km hike to a spectacular view of the Waterfall Creek. Although dried-up for the lack of rain, a deep canyon is nevertheless, very impressive. We walked on a trail covered with glistening minerals, through the forest, listening to the screeching of elusive black cockatoos. The Little Nomads stuffed their and the Big Nomad's pockets with granite and mica-dotted stones and were as happy as if they'd discovered a secret treasure cave.

Waterfall Creek trail in Western River Wilderness

The rest of the day was dedicated to exploring the two of the most amazing beaches on the north coast. They were very similar to Emu Bay beach in their isolation, beautiful wave-less waters, and exceptional sand. The roads leading to the beaches provide magnificent views but steep slopes and close ridges are not for nervous drivers.
Snelling Beach from
Constitution Hill
At Stokes Bay we stopped for late lunch at Rockpool Cafe - an unbelievably busy family-run place. The food was pricey but good and its location, 100m to the beach, is unbeatable! The only way to you can get to Stokes Bay beach is by walking through a arcade grey boulders. Once I emerged from claustrophobically-narrow rock alley, I got a nirvana moment - when I saw a fine, white, pristine beach surrounded by cliffs, a large rock-enclosed pool that provides protection from the surf, turquoise waters and... virtually, no tourists!
Stokes Bay
To finish the day we headed to the south coast's Vivonne bay jetty where the Little Nomad tried his hand at fishing. Soon it started to drizzle and we all wanted to go home to our BBQ that we had missed so much while staying in the city!

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