Russian Pirozhki / Пирожки быстрые

Despite the heritage, Russian baked and fried food, is not a part of my culinary style. Russian cuisine is time-consuming. If I can afford spending 2 hours in the kitchen, I'd rather spend it testing out recipes that are fun and new.

When a Little Nomad asked to make me something "Russian" for an International Family Day at school, I couldn't think of anything more representative of Russian cuisine, than pirozhki / пирожки. These are baked or fried buns with various fillings, from meat to sweet, and they are the most classical and typical Russian dish.

I had NEVER ever made pirozhkis and I have a very limited experience with baking. I was looking for a recipe that is approachable for a novice baker, as well as a recipe that is not heavy (baked, not fried). And I might have just found it.

These пирожки come out light and airy, the dough is pretty easy to work with. I made them small and cute (approximately, 5cm x 3cm) (so more kids try them) and spent quite some time crafting them. All in all, I had about 30 pirozhkis.

Time: 2.5 hours
Actual cooking time: 1 hour

2 C warm milk
dry traditional yeast, one pack (8g)
1T olive oil
4T white sugar
1t salt
4C flour
1 egg, beaten

1. Mix all of the ingredients and till it doesn't stick to the bowl. Leave the dough to rise for an hour. Fold gently and leave for 30 minutes.
2. Move the dough to a cutting board, spreading a bit of flour. Cut off little pieces about 1x1 inch. Roll out into a flat circle, add the filling, fold the ends to form and pinch the seams.
3. Put on a greased cookie sheet with seams down. Brush with beaten egg.
4. Bake in an oven at 350F for 20-30minutes.

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