Stu's Meatballs

My husband's colleague, Stu, had been bringing these meatballs to quite a few potlucks. They are sweet and tangy and disappear in no time; I couldn't help asking for a recipe and here's the copy'n'paste from his email:

I usually use a package of hamburger (medium fat or lean), larger, but not the family pack. For a lot of meatballs, use two of the packs. I make small meatballs, but my mother-in-low (the source of the recipe, but she got it from a woman on an air force base in Quebec, so I have no idea where the recipe actually comes from) makes balls about 1" to 1.5" in diameter, as they stay softer in texture. My meatballs are probably about 3/4"-1" in diameter.

The sauce is made from 1 jar of red currant jelly (not jam) and one or two jars of Heintz chili sauce. I roll the meatballs in flour and brown in a skillet, then place in the sauce and let them
simmer for a couple of hours, then usually let them sit in a cool place overnight and heat again for serving the following day.

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