The Wazemmes Market

One of the largest markets in France, the Wazemmes Market combines the liveliness of French markets' afternoons and the hustle of a Middle-eastern bazaar. Open 3 days a weeks, the market draws the biggest crowd on Sundays (up to 50,000 we were told). It really felt that all 50,000 showed on a day we went there! The covered market, although not as exciting as the outside, has a great cheese shop (if you are willing to wait in line)! The flea markets sells everything from bijou to carpets.

The shouts of street sellers, the smell of cooked food (everything from Arabic delicacies to Spanish paella to traditional French pastry), the colorful sight of flower stalls and rows of vegetables make this market a great place to visit and shop! We bought way too much our family would need for the next few days: vegetables, ripe fruit and ripe cheese :), freshly-baked, still warm bread, and off-the-stove middle-eastern dessert for the kids! From now I know what I'll do on Sunday afternoons!

The Impression of the Day: Gap Canada is couture! 
While the Little Nomads and I hang out at the market, I heard someone speak to me in French. I turned around to see a thirty-something French dad, whose outfit would certainly qualify as hyper metro-sexual in North America (and "just-went-out-for-a-stroll-on-a-Sun-afternoon" in France) with an equally well-dressed three-year-old sitting in a stroller, which I would not even know how to operate. After my usual Je ne parle pas français, the guy switched to perfect English and inquired where I bought the hats the Lille Nomads were wearing.
-Canada, - I said. Gap Canada.
The disappointment showed on the Dad's face and he sighed: "Oh, I'm sure we don't have them here. But I'll check, thanks!"
It sounded the way we'd say: "Oh, you know, such and such bought her dress in France and of course, you can't buy that here!"

So yeah, Gap Canada, let's show who REALLY sets the global fashion trends!!!

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