Food for Thought and not only that (3)

L'Ecume des Mers (***/*)
10 Rue Pas
59000 Lille
03 20 54 95 40

Apparently, places like these do exist - impeccable service by rather arrogant but nevertheless efficient waiters in crisp white shirts who appear and disappear quietly with gleaming trays of seafood, piled oyster shells, and sparking Champaign glasses. The menu features seafood mainly - from fish to lobsters, served beautifully. Though the food very good, the stand-offish air of the restaurant makes it hard to enjoy the meal.

Le Petite Table (***/*)
59 rue de la monnaie
My grandma would cook these meals, if she were from Provence. This lovely small restaurant serves  simple and unassuming food with a very approachable price tag - the way Provencal food should be. My meal consisted of seafood tartar made with smoked salmon and walnuts, seafood lasagna, and creme brulee. The portions are very big, the waiters extremely charming and welcoming, and the room itself quite homey. If you are in a mood for soul-food, this is the place to visit!

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