The Old World: Cologne

Cologne Dom
Germany has quickly cured any melancholy I felt for the warm sunny Adelaide. Basking in the afternoon sun in a cafe on a cute car-free square in Wuppertal, enjoying my coffee and wholesome German brunch I was reminded why I'm so drawn to Europe.

We spent a couple of days getting over the jet lag, walking and shopping, eating out, relaxing in a hotel sauna and splashing in the jacuzzi. Having got used to Australian food, Germany's menu was refreshingly different. I couldn't remember the last time my schitzel was so incredibly good as this time in April.

Two days of relaxation seemed enough and next day we hopped on a train to Koln (Cologne). The last time I was there was about 10 years ago but I still remembered the beautiful cathedral and the tea cafe at the square. This time around the cathedral seemed even more magestic, glowing in the spring sun; the Gothic detailing - breathtaking. We climbed to the top of the Dome and the Little Nomads counted all 533 steps up and down.

Next we visited Wallraf-Richartz Museum, which is not too far from the Dom. In the city that boasts such an amazing architectural treasure, the museums are often overlooked. I was so surprised to have found this museum! Its collection is extensive but manageable, covering 13-19cc.

Yummy pretzels that you have to try when you are in Koln
Having walked along the Rhone river we headed to the Chocalate Museum sponsored by Lindt. And what a treat it was for the kids!!! 2,5 hours that we had spent there were not long enough for all the things they could and wanted to do. They explored every nook and corner of the 3-floor facility, pressed every button and watched every demo. Finally, we indulged ourselves in the museum's cafe. A Russian-speaking waitress brought us white chocolate for the kids, Aztec coffee for me and Crispy Gold coffee for the Big Nomad. An array of deserts followed.

At least two pounds heavier, tired, but happy (chocoate releases body's happiness hormones) we headed back. The gloomy weather, gusty wind, cold, and drizzle did not seem to be that unpleasant with warm coffee and chocolate warming us from the inside.

Chocolate Art in the Chocolate Museum's cafe

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