A Visit to Lille

Streets of Lille

What can I say?! Lille is absolutely lovely! The weather was great - 20C for our first trip to the centre of the city. As usual, I get an overwhelming feeling that a rare person has a job here - all restaurants are packed with (mostly young) people, smoking, chatting, and having a beer.

Lille has 3 universities with 100,000 student enrollment. With the school year starting next week, I can feel the youthful buzz in the air. The shops and restaurants are full of students-to-be. They give the city a youthful look as 29% of city's population are under 20.

The Little Nomads and I took a really well put-together bus tour of the city and I made notes en route of the places I'd like to see in depth. Apparently, Lille has managed to pass from a governing kingdom to another, without much (to no) bloodshed and a traditional warfare has somehow escaped it. It changes hands from being Flemish to Burgundian (?) to Spanish (Netherlands) to French. From a very cursory glimpse I had on the bus, most of the city's architecture are in baroque and neo-classic style, Loius XIV's favourite.

The Impression of the Day. French men are very-very lean. 
Is it the food or the air or the French women? Haven't seen a single gym yet...

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