A Glimpse of Lille, France

A Book Market in the Stock Exchange building

Canon balls stuck in the facade

after an Austrian siege

of the late 1700-ies

Lille's own Belfry tower

The Impression of the Day. French take their sauce seriously!
How many sauces can you find in a local supermarket on a given day in North America? I wouldn't dare to count for the fear of spending hours there. In France, one of the biggest supermarkets sports, at best, one shelf with 8-10 miniature bottles of sauces. The Little Nomads' lunch menu describes in detail what sauce will be served with the main dish and I haven't seen a single one being repeated in 3 weeks they've attended school (and only 3 sauce sound familiar). I guess I should start reconsidering my approach to cooking, while we are in France at least...

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