How to be unambiguously Canadian

Roots handbag
How do you identify a Canadian in a crowd of tourists on St Marco's square, the Louvre, the Pyramids, etc? Look at the backpack or purse they are carrying (never mind the bright red baseball hat with a maple leaf on it) - it will most probably have a Roots symbol on it! It is like a secret sign - the Masonic handshake, the "know" symbol of a sort, that whispers "you are here too, eh"?

I love Roots purses for their casual ease and functionality but had not thought they'd be more than just a purse when I packed two on my trip. Incidentally, I've had a few conversations with fellow-Canadians inspired by the bright-red Roots purse I was carrying.
A rare Canadian is fond of red-and-white flag-waving, instead, they are inconspicuously wearing Roots abroad!

The Impression of the Day.
The Little Nomad: You know, mom, girls at school are not girlie-girls at all.
The Nomad mom: What do you mean? They don't play with Barbies?
The Little Nomad: No, they don't. The fight with boys and some are even stronger than any of the boys!

Maybe that's one of reasons French men are so lean?

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