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Le Lion  Bossu *****

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The meal at this very cosy restaurant was absolutely fabulous!

In spite of its numerous awards, reviews,  and accolades, we did not have difficulty getting a table for lunch. The upstairs room has about 15 tables closely put together but the room was not full and we had a wonderful time. Nothing of pretense here - lovely decor and delightful ambiance!

All of the Menu du Jour items had complex and delicate flavors: it started with a Remoulade de maigre - a spreadable fish pate with nuts on a bed of endive. My main dish was magret de canard (duck fille) with raspberry sauce and celery risotto which was absolutely fantastic! The Big Nomad's lasagnes de petoncles (scallop lasagna) with spinach and creamed mushrooms was served in red curry sauce. A little pear and almond pie in wine topped the meal and was on par with the rest of the dishes!

Magret de canard, risotto de celeri
Lasagnes de petoncles

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