Seasonal sale in France

A general notion is that France is not a consumer-oriented society. Whoever subscribes to this concept has not been to seasonal sales! French women and men L-O-V-E their shopping!!!

Galeries Lafayette's 3-day sale alone is a sight to wonder: these are the days when Lafayette, sparkling and gleaming, gets crammed, swirling with people who try on outfits and make purchasing decisions. The line-up at cash registers - incredible! Prices - unbelievable! Girlfriends discuss fashion, moms and daughters stroll through rows of neatly laid-out clothing, couples wait patiently in line to get to the watch and jewelry counters... Men, split in pairs, wander around stacks of cashmere sweaters, asking each other couture questions.

Later, shoppers take a break in restaurants around Galeries - men drink beer, having piled their shopping bags under and around the seats; women discuss their shopping victories, picking on Croque Monsieur and a salad.

The French enjoy shopping and sales as much as every other person in any other country. The main difference is that they seem to do it so non-nonchalantly and no-stress; the same way they dress, eat and live.

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