Au revoir, La France!

Bidding farewell to France took several rounds and made the leave longer, hectic, and in a way, sadder than I would have liked it to be. There were kids' farewell lunches at school, lunches with the new friends from the French class, packing for the next trip, catching up on the last sights, events, and restaurants! Alas, swift English goodbyes (which I would so much like in this case) are not for moms with kids!

The Little Nomads' teachers had hinted that it'd be nice to have a class farewell with some treats for the kids.
- Oui, avec plaisir!
What do French kids consider a treat if they have pain au chocolat for breakfast? I didn't want to leave the class with the lasting memories of North American-type sponge cake, nor was baking an option. Finally, it was decided on tarte aux fruits which was a smashing hit! Both classes had prepared beautiful albums with keepsakes of the months the boys spent at school.

By the end of November the temperature in Lille was slightly above 0C, just cool enough to remind you of the looming winter. Christmas music was floating at the Place du General-de-Gaulle around a tall decorated Chrismas tree. Marche de Noel was in full swing and the smell of roasted chestnuts, cooking specialties, and spiced wines filled the air.  With these Christmas-filled memories of Lille, the Little Nomads and I left for Russia on December 1st.

The remnants of my lunch at Aux Moules -
a quirky Flemish restaurant
Vin chaud -
hot spiced wine is
a winter-time specialty in Flandres

The Very Little Nomad's farewell lunch

The Little Nomad's belle francaise

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