Outside Adelaide

Although the city is easily managed on foot, there are quite a few compelling attractions that lie outside the city's grid.

Belair National Park is Australia's 2nd oldest national park, established in 1891.  Located 9km south of the city centre, it has lovely walking and bike trails that meander among woodlands and eucalyptus tree, tennis courts and a kids' playgound. Kangoroos, emus, and koalas are among the park's residents.

Adelaide from the top of the hill at Belair

Hallett Cove Conservation Park. Located 22km south of Adelaide it is is one of Australia's most outstanding geological and archaeological sites, recording an Australian ice age some 280 million years ago and providing a treasure chest of more than 1,700 Aboriginal artefacts. Magnificently developed glacial pavements along the northern cliff tops are recognised as the best record of Permian glaciation in Australia and being of worldwide significance. The wooden walk trail stretches about 10km with a magnificent view of the ocean.

Carrick Hill House, a faux Tudor mansion built in 1939 by a wealthy art-loving family. The English roses and boxwood borders of its formal terraces are set in bold relief against the adjacent outback, red and wild with gnarled eucalyptus trees and scrubby brush. The estate features a story walk, which is a half kilometre trail with three themed areas to explore and discover. Very often it offers open-air picnic performances. We saw a Red Riding Hood with a modern spin and loved it!

Carrick Hill estate

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