Dolphin Swim and Watch

Being so close to the ocean, we couldn't miss a very touristic but a rare opportunity to get on board of a boat for a dolphin swim. The vessel, Temptation Sailing, took us for a 4-hour trip into the bay waters. The Big Nomad looking impressively professional in a wetsuit and the snorkeling gear, spent most of the time in the water watching the dolphins, while the kids, myself, and the 3 boat operators were the only people aboard the ship for the duration of the swim.

We chased dolphins but never attempted to come too close to them intentionally. In most cases, the boat had to stop mere 10-30m away when the mammals swam up so close that I could have touched them if I had leaned against the side of the boat. Many times, the most adventurous ones swam alongside and in front of the boat. Playful by nature, they were racing the boat, jumping out of the water, peeking out and looking straight at us. The Big Nomad says that when he waved to a dolphin, he waved back at him with his flipper!

We saw about 40 common and bottlenose dolphins: moms with calves, loners, couples and large schools. It was such a unique experiences to see dolphins in their natural habitat and I'm sure it was much more exciting for the Big Nomad! 

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