Top things to do around South Australia

In no particular order
  1. Get a dozen of freshly-caught oysters and a chilled bottled of Barossa bubbly, sit at the beach and enjoy the sunset at Glenelg.
  2. Window-shop on Jetty rd, have a latte, and look for stingrays off Glenelg jetty. Relax at the beach, swim, and do nothing!
  3. Jog from Glenelg jetty to Brighton jetty and back and take a swim in the Bay. 
  4. Visit Adelaide's many museums and take part in its many festivals.
  5. Hike in Hallet Cove.
  6. Swim with dolphins off the coast of Glenelg.
  7. Tour Barossa and taste shiraz. Have alfresco lunch at a rustic Charlie Melton winery in Barossa. 
  8. On Sat afternoon head to the Central Market and hunt for great deals on freshly-caught fish, shellfish, fruits, and veggies. Grab a sizzling platter for lunch at the food court.
  9. Visit Remarkable Rocks, Admiral Arch, Seal Bay Conservation park, swim at Stokes Bay or Snellings beaches of Kangaroo Island. Feed kangaroos at Prandana. 
  10. Treat yourself to lavender ice-cream at Emu Bay Lavender Farm on KI. 
  11. Take an airplane tour to view Wilpena Pound from the air.
  12. Take a 4WD tour in Arkaroola.
  13. Bushwalk to St. Mary's Peak at Flinders Ranges National park and enjoy the stunning view.

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